While I have some leads with hard copies of information or actual individuals with some of these topics, it has been difficult. So if you have something, please get in touch!


-Des Moines Black Panther Party of early 1970s

-Red Wing Workers Organization, a libertarian socialist group in Des Moines in 1970s

-New World Collective, anarchist collective in Des Moines in 1970s

-IWW during any era

-Strikes and labor conflict, particularly at ‘The Pack’ in Dubuque.

-Free Flowing, an underground newspaper from the 1970s

-Any of the various Farmer’s Unions from the 1920-1940s, especially anything the Communist Party USA was involved in.

-Students For A Democratic Society Iowa chapters during the 60s and 70s

-Revolutionary Student Brigade, a Maoist leaning student organization founded in Iowa City in 1974

-Ames Anarchist Group/Central Iowa Anarchists from 1970s

The Left: A Quarterly Review of Radical and Experimental Art, a socialist magazine that published two issues out of Davenport in 1931.

Tri-City Workers’ Magazine, a socialist publication out of Davenport (?), possibly put out by the Socialist Party in the 1900’s

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