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Q&A of Iowan on Antiwar Movement of the Sixties

From Chicago68

I was thirteen years old in 1968, growing up in a town of about 30,000 in Iowa. At the end of 1968 an antiwar committee formed in town and I joined a small group of people who organized local demonstrations for the fall 1969 moratoriums and beyond. That’s an example of how deeply into the heartland of America the antiwar movement reached. It was not an elitist, isolated, bicoastal, college campus phenomenon like some people try to portray—it bubbled up in the cornfields of Iowa and the wheatfields of Kansas. There were factory workers and farmers for peace, as well as students and freaks.

On the other hand, I supported and worked for Eugene McCarthy when he ran in the Iowa caucuses in 1972. But, when I had a chance to ask McCarthy a question, I asked his opinion of the demonstrations that antiwar activists were planning for both political conventions that year. This is just to say: I could have ended up either on the streets, or in the convention hall, and would have preferred to have an eye in each.

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