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National ‘Revolutionary Student Brigade’ Founded in Iowa City, 1974

From Isioma-SDS website’s Maoism in America

The Attica Brigade was heavily concentrated on the East Coast. Two months after the seizure of the Statue of Liberty, in June of 1974, a convention was held in Iowa City to form a new student group which would be spread throughout the country. Approximately four hundred and fifty students from some eighty colleges and universities across the country then launched the Revolutionary Student Brigade (RSB), perhaps the most militant and action-oriented national grouping on U.S. campuses in the 1970s. Among its more notable actions were the organization of the “Off Our Backs” demonstration in Philadelphia in the spring of 1976, participation in the conflict to prevent the destruction of the International Hotel (the I-Hotel, the home of many aged Asian people in San Francisco’s Chinatown), and the 1977 confrontations over the decision of the administration of Kent State University to construct a gym on the site of the killing and wounding of anti-war demonstrators by the Ohio National Guard during the Vietnam War.

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